Primiter the name of this extraordinary red wine comes from the Latin “Primativamente”, or first choice, and is obviously derived from the name of the grape variety with which it is produced in purity. The grapes that come from the vineyard located in Lobia (BR), are Primitivo grapes selected and harvested by hand after a slight withering on the plant in the last decade of August.

This wine is obtained with a traditional vinification, with long maceration on the skins, 10-12 days, depending on the vintage and drawing off with considerable intensity of color and aromas. At the end of the harvest, 60% of the initial refinement is in stainless steel and for the remainder, 40% in small prized oak barrels for 12 months. Then the assembly takes place. After a rest period it is bottled and put on sale after 6 months of aging.

The wine thus obtained has an intense ruby ​​red color, with garnet hues, a color that immediately denotes the character and power of this wine. The nose releases hints and notes of red jam, raspberry and blueberry. in the mouth the taste is intense, rightly tannic, with a long and persistent finish. A wine with a strong and decisive character, tamed beautifully by the wisdom of the Calò family to give a superior quality product.

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