Primius Primitivo di Manduria DOP is a red wine produced by the San Donaci Winery from Primitivo grapes grown in the countryside of Manduria on the classic red earth soils with a calcareous clayey composition. The 20-30 year old plants are cultivated with the Apulian sapling and spurred cordon training system with plants of 4500 vines per hectare and with a final yield of 90 quintals per hectare.

Primius is vinified in red starting from the grape harvest that takes place in the first ten days of September. Maceration and fermentation take place in thermo-conditioned steel silos. Once the vinification process is complete, the wine rests for 6 months in second and third passage French oak barrels and then refines in the bottle for another 6 months.

This primitivo has a ruby ​​red color with garnet nuances. The nose shows an intense and complex aroma of ripe red pulp fruits, in balanced fusion with hints of toasted wood notes. The taste is dry, warm, soft, tannic and persistent.

Pairings: It goes well with roasts, spicy dishes and hard cheeses.

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