PUNTA AQUILA Salento IGP is a red wine from the Tenute Rubino winery in Brindisi (Puglia/Italy). It is produced with Primitivo grapes cultivated with a spurred cordon in vines on medium-textured soils in the Brindisi area.

The harvest takes place in the first days of September. Then the fermentation takes place in steel tanks for 10 days and the maceration for 15 days at a controlled temperature. Maturation 4 months, in conical vats of 40 hl French wood.

PUNTA AQUILA Primitivo is characterized by a dark ruby ​​color, tending to garnet. It presents fragrant and rich ethereal notes which unfolds clear hints and nuances of cherry under alcohol, blackberry jam, blueberries and currants, rhubarb, humus, tobacco, ginger, black pepper and aromatic herbs. The palate releases a strong, coherent and dynamic flavour, from which emerges a fascinating minerality, which blends well with the powerful structure of the fruit, the vigorous acid push and with the already pleasing and exuberant tannins. To be served at a temperature of 16-18 ° C.

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