Rodinò means “red” in griko, neo-Greek dialect spoken in the historical region of Salento called Grecìa salentina. This is the name chosen by the Conti Zecca for the company’s latest addition, a 100% Primitivo. This magnificent wine is produced from grapes derived from prized primitive clones, now grown according to sustainable farming practices. The first vintage available is that of 2014, which has only a small production of 4 thousand bottles, all hand-numbered.

So an exclusive limited edition wine with extraordinary wine making characteristics. With an intense red color, the Rodinò brings with it a large and complex bouquet of ripe red fruit, which highlights the fruitiness of the balsamic plum, the soft tannins and the persistent finish complete the work. An eclectic, elegant, balanced, never banal wine, which also knows how to be versatile, given that it can be easily combined with different dishes, from appetizers, to grilled meats up to the soft sweets of cream and cherries.

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