Rohesia Brut is the fruit of the great passion and knowledge for the traditional rosé wine produced in the Salento starting from the queen Negroamaro grape. This classic method summarizes in the bottle all the knowledge of the Cantele family that, besides being a great interpreter and of the Salento wine tradition, is strongly oriented towards research, development and constant innovation. The preparation of this classic method sparkling wine takes place with the manual harvesting of Negroamaro grapes in wooden boxes. Afterwards the grapes are de-stemmed, gently pressed with a 50% yield and left to macerate for a few hours to allow the aromas and anthocyanins to regenerate its classic coral color. After the racking the wine ferments at a controlled temperature of 16 ° C and afterwards and the removal of the lees by racking is left for 60 days in contact with the yeasts. The refermentation in the bottle takes place with an addition of sugars equal to 2.5 gr / liter for a period that covers about 30 months.

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