ROHESIA Malvasia Bianca Salento IGP is a brand new label produced by the Cantele winery starting from the 2019 vintage. The ROHESIA line also includes rosé negroamaro, red susumaniello. ROHESIA Malvasia Bianca represents the white rose, as clear as the amazement of certain subdued summer mornings, it also preserves that secret of dew that has just settled on Malvasia, as the caress that for so long, for a time called night, we wanted to feel, savor.

This white wine is produced from grapes grown in the Brindisi area with the Guyot training system with around 4,500 vines per hectare. The grapes are harvested in the second part of august. The vinification begins with the destemming, and then the must is left in contact with the skins for a maceration period of about 6 hours at a temperature between 5 and 8 ° C in order to better extract the primary aromas that characterize the typicality of this grape variety. After pressing, the must is fermented at 15 ° C in steel tanks until the end of the alcoholic fermentation. This wine is then aged for 3 months sur lies in a steel tank at 10 ° C.

ROHESIA Malvasia Bianca has golden reflections on the straw background which foreshadow the fragrance and tenacity of this wine. The nose has a fruity note of apricot and peach interspersed with the delicate floral of freesia, up to the freshness of the musk. The wine reproduces the fruit and the flower in the mouth; the delicate aromaticity prolongs the taste sensations, giving it a remarkable persistence. The gustatory balance between freshness and softness makes this wine particularly dosed in its components, giving the palate gratification in terms of balance, length and complexity.

Pairings: This wine is suitable to be combined with all raw fish preparations.

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