From the medieval Latin Rohesium, the name of the Rohesia Classic Method Rosé Pas Dosé, carries within its color, the chromatic symbolism of its masculine and feminine nature, its delicate ambivalence. Rohesia Pas Dosè amazes already in the glass for its intense and vivid pink color, and impresses with an incredibly clean and fresh entry in the mouth. A wine to be enjoyed in company to spend joyful spring and summer evenings.

The negroamaro grapes used for the production of this classic method sparkling wine are grown in the countryside of Guagnano with the Counter-espalier technique trained with spurred cordon on medium-textured clayey soils. The harvest period is very early and takes place immediately after the completion of the veraison process around the last week of September to preserve all the acidity of the negroamaro.

For the preparation of the base wine, the hand-picked grapes in small boxes are pressed whole, giving the must its characteristic antique pink hue. From the drawing off, a little more than 50% of the must yield is obtained, the fermentation is carried out at 16 °C. The wine, after racking to remove the coarse lees, remains sur lies for about 60 days. The tirage is carried out in the first months of the year following that of harvest without adding liqueur and the refermentation in the bottle and the subsequent maturation on the lees last no less than 60 months.

Rohesia Classic Method Rosé Pas Dosé shows an abundant froth with a fine, elegant and persistent perlage. The color is an antique pink nuance with coppery reflections that go towards the coral. On the nose there are delicate hints of blueberries and pink roses intertwined with spicy notes, licorice and bread crust. In the glass, as the minutes pass and a few degrees celsius more, further nuances of black tea and Mediterranean scrub are fed. In the mouth it reveals an elegant structure and a remarkable balance between the roundness given by the 60 months of aging and the freshness of the acid backbone.

Pairings: Very fresh crustaceans and seafood, but due to its important structure it can also be paired with land and sea risottos. For the more enterprising, it is recommended to combine it with a classic dish of fresh burrata and capocollo from Martina Franca.

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