Selvarossa is a symbol of Salento viticulture and enology. It was one of the first great wines to be born after 2000, when many wineries including Cantina Due Palme began producing wines of excellent quality.

Selvarossa Riserva del Presidente 2010 is a label created to celebrate the important work carried out in recent years by President Angelo Maci and was created by bottling the reserve of one of the best vintages of the new millennium.

Selvarossa is a red wine produced by Cantina Due Palme from ripe and selected grapes of Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera, harvested manually in boxes. Maceration takes place in 500 hectoliters horizontal rotary fermenters. During this period (14 days), the wine has also completed alcoholic fermentation at a temperature not exceeding 20 ° C, to be then introduced into new barriques, where it completes the malolactic fermentation. Subsequently, the wine completes its refinement in barriques for 9 months, at the end of which it is bottled. This is followed by a refinement in the bottle before being placed on the market.

Selvarossa Riserva del Presidente is a wine with an intense ruby ​​red color with amaranth reflections. The nose presents captivating fruits of cherry jam and dates, notes of vanilla and licorice. The palate is marked by hints of small red fruits, juicy and ripe, and by the sweet nuances of wood. Warm and with a good fragrance, with gritty and pleasant tannins. Perfect as a meditation wine, it can continue to refine in the bottle for a long time.

Pairings: perfect to be paired with baked lamb with potatoes or seasoned goat cheese, or goes well with game and all noble cuts of red meat. Try it with a Salento dish such as grilled Turcinieddhri.

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