Settepunti is a rosé wine produced by Luca attanasio from primitive grapes grown in the countryside of Sava in Manduria, Salento. The name of this Primitivo rosato is inspired by the ladybird and the black dots that characterize its livery (Coccinella septempunctata). Settepunti is dedicated to these small insects that silently free the vineyard from aphids and other harmful pests and is obtained from the vinification of the racemes ripened on the saplings of the saplings.

Settepunti is a non-filtered and non-clarified modern conception wine, obtained from a slow and conscious agriculture, with practically no use of chemical substances in the field and in the cellar. It is a young wine for young people, also for this reason the bottle is sealed with the crown cap, simple to open, easy to close.

Settepunti is a pink wine with coral reflections. The perfume is characterized by fruity, persistent and elegant aromas. On the palate it is fresh, soft and balanced with enveloping fruity aromas. Serve very cold.

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