Sumarè Susumaniello 30 months is a classic brut method sparkling wine resulting from the early harvest of Susumaniello. An elegant and balanced wine, the result of resting on the lees for 30 months.

A balanced and structured wine, in which Susumaniello elegantly expresses its sparkling vocation. This exceptional sparkling wine is obtained starting from susumaniello grapes grown in the Jaddico estate in the province of Brindisi from vineyards located at sea level with a sandy soil type and a spurred cordon training system.

The number of plants per hectare is 6,000 and the planting year is 2004; the yield per hectare is about 70 quintals and the final production amounts to about 3200 numbered bottles. The harvest is carried out manually with the harvest of the grapes in wooden boxes in the first days of September. Primary fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature of about 16-18 ° C in steel tanks. The sparkling process takes place in the bottle with aging on the lees for at least 30 months.

Sumarè 30 months has a bright salmon pink color with a very fine and persistent perlage. The nose has floral and fruity scents and then ginger, a brackish note, hazelnut, to which are added elegant spicy and fragrant notes. In the mouth it is intense and fresh, with a marked acidity and also thirst-quenching, fluid, lively, with a taut body. It is remembered for its high persistence and for its incredible elegance. Sumarè is an authoritative witness to the extreme versatility of the grape.


To be enjoyed with smoked salmon, cod salad and anchovy fillets. As a first course with fish ravioli or, alternatively, a fish soup. Red mullet or croaker.

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