Tenuta Paraida rosato is an award-winning wine produced by the Marulli Winery. A DOC made up of 100% Negroamaro grapes that come from owned vines with plants over 30 years old grown in the territory of Copertino. The grapes are harvested by hand towards the end of September and following the destemming and crushing, classic red vinification is started, with the must remaining in maceration with the skins for 6-8 hours in order to obtain the classic coral-colored wine of the Negroamaro rosato of Salento. After the withdrawal of the liquid part the wine follows with a fermentation at a controlled temperature of 18-20 ° C. Rosé finishes its processing with an aging of about 3 months in stainless steel vats and finally concludes in bottle aging.

Tenuta Paraida rosato is the classic rosé made in Salento, fresh, acid and of great structure, a wine that can be enjoyed pleasantly both with robust meat-based dishes and with more delicate dishes based on shellfish and fish seafood. It is an intense and brilliant cherry-colored wine, with a rich and composite bouquet, fruity with hints of raspberry, cherry and peach and fine flowers. The taste is dry, harmonious, with a grassy base combined with a pleasant bitter aftertaste.

Weight 1.3 kg

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