The Terra San Giovanni of Cantina Fiorentino is a wine produced from 100% Primitivo grapes grown with a certified organic system. The plants are cultivated in agro of Galatina on medium-textured soil dissolved with the spurred cordon technique and with a yield per hectare equal to 70 ql / He. The bottles produced on average in a year are about 30,000. The harvest begins in the mid-September period and a continuation of the wine-making harvest is carried out with the selection of selected yeasts at a temperature between 16-18 ° C.

Terra San Giovanni is a wine with a clear ruby ​​red color with light garnet reflections. The nose has a good intensity and aromatic complexity with notes of plum and blueberries, a spicy note of cinnamon and cloves. In the mouth it is dry, warm and soft. It has enough fresco and quite tannic, with a good balance and a good persistence that lasts even after drinking it.

The ideal pairing is with the first courses of meat such as the classic ragù and with chicken and pork roasted on a plate or with a barbecue.

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