The 2017 vintage of Torre Testa Rosso Brindisi DOP is the result of a very particular climatic trend, with abundant spring rains that supported the productive vegetative development of the plants and created deep water reserves in the vineyards of the Jaddico Estate. With the gradual rise in temperatures, which did not record excessive heat peaks during the summer months, the ideal micro-climatic conditions for Susumaniello, a vine that prefers longer ripening times of the bunches, have been determined.

The adventure of a new version of the famous Susumaniello by Tenute Rubino starts right from the perfect 2017 vintage. A recovery project of Susumaniello, a native vine of northern Salento which was abandoned until the end of the 2000s because it was considered of little value. Susumaniello which is the third indigenous variety of Salento and more precisely, of the Brindisi countryside. In the viticultural tradition of this territory it was planted together with Negroamaro and black Malvasia. It requires a sandy soil type, alcoholic and malolactic fermentation in steel tanks and bottle aging. In the mid-1980s, in Brindisi, the Rubino family began to build the current Tenute Rubino farm, which has now become the production base for excellent wines including Susumaniello. The business project is centered on the production of quality wines in the Salento area, particularly suitable for the cultivation of vines.

Torre Testa, even more from the new 2017 vintage, is an emblematic wine of the territory, where complexity and elegance find a practically perfect synthesis. Long awarded by national and international critics, it is considered one of the labels that have been able to raise the level of Apulian enology, becoming one of the reference oenological results, as evidenced by the satisfaction obtained on the most demanding and prepared markets. Intense red, of great class and elegance, the result of partially dried grapes, it is the symbol of the new Salento winemaking style.

This identity wine is obtained starting from the harvest of susumaniello grapes grown on soils of sandy origin and with a final yield of 50 quintals per hectare. The harvest is carried out late in the first days of October, with a manual harvest of the grapes in wooden boxes and a further selection of the grapes that will then be vinified.The maceration is prolonged up to 16 days with a fermentation at a controlled temperature of 22-24 ° C. The wine then ages for 5-6 months in steel, and at least 12 months in French oak barrels of first passage, and finally ends its maturation for 12 months in the bottle.

Torre Testa Rosso is presented in the glass with a very intense dark red color, with purple flashes on the nail. The nose has elegant, ethereal and complex notes of black cherry and plum in alcohol, currant, blackberry that alternate with delicious hints of chocolate, juniper, nutmeg, licorice and cinnamon. In the mouth it enters with class and harmony, it is intense, persistent, with a powerful and fresh fruit, distinguished by the powerful acid boost and the tannins of unparalleled finesse.

Pairing: It requires first and second courses of great structure, such as pappardelle with meat sauce, grilled and baked meat, stewed game. The encounter with the well seasoned Canestrato Pugliese DOP is intriguing.

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