After a two-year long pause, we celebrate the return of wine that has always experienced the “variation” of grapes. A necessary rest for a wine that, starting from 1999, has agreed over the years with different vines: Negroamaro, Cabernet Sauvignon, Montepulciano; then the variation from Montepulciano to Merlot, until its third life of Merlot in purity.

Varius, in this version, refers to the dense cultural richness of the contamination of a Salento since time immemorial crossroads of cultures, coloring itself with the intense agreement of Susumaniello, a vine of Dalmatian origins, whose name derives from the characteristic load of bunches of grapes at age juvenile (like a donkey) – which is reduced over the years, with very low yields – and Negroamaro.
The new Varius presents another novelty: the closure with a glass stopper. A choice aimed at those who demand practicality but elegance. A solution that ensures an excellent seal and that allows the wine to ripen properly.

“The only constant is the pleasure of variation”. It is the claim used to launch the return of this bottle. The concept of the advertising campaign is easy to interpret: bring to mind the many lives of the Varius and tell its current potential in the native version. The result is the uniqueness of a wine that, ultimately, tells a single constant: the path of experimentation and proactive change, or the exercise of a pleasure.

Produced with Susumaniello and Negroamaro grapes cultivated with espalier spurred cordon in the territory of Guagnano (Lecce). The harvest takes place in mid-September. Maceration and fermentation begin at a low temperature and then reach 24 ° C. In the first days of maceration, daily delestage is performed, the racking takes place after about 6-8 days. Once malolactic fermentation is complete, it is aged in steel and bottled tanks.

Characterized by an intense ruby ​​red color, with soft violet reflections, the nose presents a Bouquet composed of red fruits, currants and plums. Also perfectly identifiable is ink, black cherry, thyme and, in the end, flint. The taste is characterized by a good balance between softness and alcohol. Wine with soft tannins, with good freshness and great drinkability.

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