VEGAMARO Negroamaro Vegano IGT Salento is an innovative red wine from the Feudi winery in Guagnano di Guagnano (Lecce_Puglia/Italy). Designed for an audience that wants to taste a wine obtained without using animal products. VEGAMARO is, therefore, a wine produced exclusively from Negroamaro grapes and is completely vegetable. The name VEGAMARO is the synthesis of the word vegan and Negroamaro and embodies the essence of the first vegan Negroamaro in the world, certified by ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification), certifying body, among other things, of all those products that they do not contain substances of animal origin or GMOs.

VEGAMARO is produced in Guagnano from 30-year-old espalier-grown vineyards. The harvest is done manually in the second decade of September. After crushing and destemming the grapes, the mass containing the must macerate for about 7 days at a temperature of 26-28 ° C. The wine obtained is aged for 3 months in barrique of first and second use. Finally, the wine is bottled in light Bordeaux (350 grams). The closure (cap) is made with bioplastic materials derived from sugar cane. This characteristic is the result of years of research by the NOMACORC company and tends to facilitate the optimal permeability of oxygen in wine. The wine is ready after about 3 months from the bottling and keeps its organoleptic characteristics intact for at least three years.

This wine has a bright ruby ​​red, with a nose rich in crunchy red fruits, vegetal notes, nuances of sweet spices and hints of toasted tobacco. In the mouth it is expressed with balance and tannin that enriches the structure, making the sip full and elegant.


Traditional Salento dishes (eg. Mashed beans and country chicory). Second courses of meat, roasts and game. Spicy foods. Cheeses and hard pasta.

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