Vignesalve is a line of organic wines produced starting from the 2019 vintage from the Feudi di Guagnano winery. These wines are characterized by an organic certification which indicates a process that must match these characteristics:

  • In the vineyard: organic grapes are produced, grown without the help of synthetic chemicals (fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, pesticides in general) and without the use of genetically modified organisms;
  • In the cellar: vinification is carried out using only the oenological products and processes authorized by EU regulation 203/2012.
  • Sulphites: the concentration allowed for total sulfur dioxide is for dry reds a maximum of 100 mg / l, while for dry whites it will be a maximum of 150 mg / l.

Vignesalve Primitivo is produced from 100% Bio Primitivo grapes with a yield of approximately 8,000 bottles per hectare (4,000 / 4,500 vines per hectare) and with 20-year-old vineyards. The breeding system is a Guyot system. In the cellar: the vinification is carried out following the crushing and destemming with the grapes which macerate and ferment for about 2 weeks in steel tanks at controlled temperature. The wine obtained is ready after about a month from bottling with an interesting evolution over the next 3/4 years.

Vignesalve Primitivo is a young wine with a ruby ​​red color with violet hints. On the nose hints of red fruits (cherry, blackberry) with a floral hint of rose, vanilla and nutmeg. In the mouth it is warm, with toasted notes of cocoa. Dry and dry finish with good balance.

Pairings: Cold cuts and cheeses that are not too seasoned, ideal in summer even slightly cool to accompany roast meat and barbecue.

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