Villa Santera Rosé obtained from 100% Primitivo grapes vinified in pink. The Primitivo is the grape from which generally rich and powerful red wines are obtained where softness and opulence are the main characteristics. Features that apparently seem distant from the idea of ​​rosé wine. Only apparently though, as much depends on the management of the vineyard. The Primitivo is a grape with hints of small berries particularly strong that, in the case of red wines, with over-ripening veer towards ripe fruit and jam.

A grape with these characteristics, picked at the turn of the second and third week of August, before the beginning of the usual dehydration processes involving Primitivo, allows to obtain rosé wines with particularly fruity notes and with an enviable freshness . These organoleptic notes are very identifiable of the grape variety and are amplified by the vinification in pink, thanks to which it is possible to make a true Primitivo juice, without any influence from the wood and the withering. At the sight it has a light pink color with bright reflections, the nose releases hints of small red berries with floral notes that make it very elegant, in the mouth it is expressed with a good freshness that gives pleasure to the drink and with a soft finish who invites you to drink the second glass.

The grapes after a soft destemming are subjected to skin maceration (8 – 10 ° C) for a few hours. Afterwards the must is drained and left to decant for 24 hours. Once cleaned, it is tapped and fermented at 14 – 16 ° C for about 20 days. A brief refinement in steel follows before bottling.

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