Zinzula, takes its name from the most famous cave of the Salentine caves on the Adriatic coast, the Zinzulusa, near Castro, the pearl of the Adriatic. Zinzula is an extraordinary rosé wine produced by Masseria Altemura, and obtained from grapes grown in the heart of Salento, halfway between the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea. A unique terroir, thanks to an extraordinary light, the fresh perennial breezes of the two seas and a terrain dominated by white limestone rocks and the red Salento soil. A rosé from Negroamaro grapes, which seduces with the finesse of its fragrances and the brilliance of a slender and sinuous body, traversed by a beam of light. A wine that makes the delicacy of the aromas, and the elegance and flavor of the drink its great strengths.

The grapes that are used for the production of this rosé come from vineyards characterized by a layer of fine red earth on a limestone bank. In order to obtain a high quality rosé, the cultivation of Negroamaro, in this case, follows the same agronomic techniques used for the production of the finest whites: vigorous leaf walls, able to protect the grapes from over-ripening and burns, avoiding outcomes oxidative, high alcohol content and an excess of tannins. To get to harvest turgid and crunchy bunches it is then essential to ensure the vines the right water supply during the decisive phase of ripening. This agronomic conduction lays the foundations for a rosé of great acidity, with freshness and aromatic finesse.

The grapes are harvested in mid-September at the first light of dawn. The so-called “lacrima” or draining must is obtained as a result of the grapes falling into the press, in the total absence of maceration. This technique allows to extract a very delicate rose and to preserve the freshest varietal notes, minimizing tannins and bitter notes coming from the skins. The resulting wine ferments in steel tanks and rests on the fine lees for about 4 months, before a short period of aging in the bottle.

Zinzula appears in the glass with a light and delicate color, tending to powder, with very slight coppery reflections. The perfume consists of a large bouquet, with sophisticated floral hints of rose hips, accompanied by pleasant notes of black cherry and a spice reminiscent of pink pepper and ginger with a light touch of turmeric. In the mouth it has a balanced flavor with an intense freshness, a slender body, supported by a nice acidity and taut by a vibrant sapid vein. The sip flows pleasantly, giving a crunchy fruit, and closes on a finish of great minerality, very slightly bitter, which teases the palate.

Pairings: it goes perfectly with appetizers such as fish crudités, small fried fish and vegetables, sautéed mussels and clams, timbales of seasonal vegetables, fresh and medium-aged cheeses. Excellent with seafood or vegetable risotto, spaghetti with sea urchins, stewed fish.

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